6 proven steps to recruit prospects on social media


In this episode I reveal my secret battle tested approach to growing your network marketing business by recruiting on social media without selling selling to a single friend or family member.

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    In this free guide you will learn my proven easy-to-follow daily approach to recruiting prospects via social media.

    My team and I have used this approach to recruit thousands of marketers into our business, so there is no doubt that this approach works.

    The only way this can’t work, is if you don’t do it, or seriously do something wrong.

    Many of the techniques can be used across multiple social media platforms, but in this guide I’ll be using Facebook as the platform in focus.

    Please always use these techniques in an ethical fashion!

    What You’ll be getting from this guide:

    1. Approach to working structured when recruiting via facebook
    2. How to recruit an unlimited amount of prospects
    3. Ways to establish a good relationship with your prospect
    4. How you best introduce your opportunity
    5. How and when to close the prospects

    Let’s get started!

    Step 1: Creating your list

    Create an excel sheet with the following columns:

    Full name, Join Date, Closing Date, Notes & Decision.

    This list will be your new religion.

    Your ONLY goal now is to add and remove people from that list. The larger the list, the more success You’ll have.

    If You’re lazy like me, you can download a pre-made sheet below:


    Step 2: Finding your prospects

    Now that you have your list in place, it’s time to learn where to find your perfect prospects.

    You can answer that question by using the following approach:


    Who your perfect prospect is depends on the products and services you are intending to introduce them to.

    Eg. If you’re selling sports supplements, I would recommend that your prospects are people who are performing some kind of sport or workout etc. etc.


    Now that you know what type of person is your perfect prospect and know what their interests are, it’s time to find a facebook group which is related to that interest.

    Eg. Sports-related groups etc. etc.

    You have now identified who and where your perfect prospects are.

    Now it’s time to engage them.

    Step 3: The first contact

    Now your goal is to find as many posts a day, that you think are interesting and go through the following process:

    1. Like the post
    2. Comment positively on the post in a way that demands a response and wait for it.
    3. Once the post author or other people responds, you like the response and send the person a friend request.
    4. Now you send the person a message saying that you think the person is interesting and would like to add him/her to your network.
    5. When the person accepts your request, you add the person to your prospect list with the join date, and mark the closing date a week later.

    9/10 people will accept the friend requests, because..

    Who doesn’t like to get a new friend who obviously likes you?

    Also the person will remember that you liked and commented something nice on their post, so they won’t see you as a complete stranger. Plus Facebook will see that you have had an exchange online, and won’t limit the number of friend requests you can send each day.

    This also means that if you find 20 posts a day, and 9/10 people accepts your friend request then you will be adding 18 people a day to your prospect list daily.

    We usually see a 10%-20% conversion rate, so that’s 1.8 – 3.6 new team members/customers a day.

    And if you teach everyone else to use the same method you’re using, then you should quickly begin to see some pretty interesting results.

    If you can learn to love the numbers game, and perfect your relationship skills, then there is simply no limit to what you can achieve in almost any network marketing company.

    Step 4: Creating a relationship

    Now your goal is to establish a positive connection with the person over the next 7 days or longer.

    I have had huge success with the following ways:

    1. Commenting or reacting positively on private posts or pictures.

    2. Asking into what the person is working on and responding as truly interested.

    This is why you found an interesting post to start with, as it makes it easier to appear interested in the person, if you really are, or have something in common.

    3. Just generally communicate with the person over something that you have in common.

    4. Ask them to tell you about themselves or their business.

    Every business owner loves to go on a rant about their business, and then it won’t seem weird once you start talking about your business)

    Note: Please don’t overdo any of these steps as nobody likes a stalker who comments and likes on every post and picture.

    Also nobody likes someone who is constantly taking up their time by messaging them.

    Remember to update your excel sheet with notes, that can help you create leverage.

    Example Note:

    The person values spending time with the family.

    Example of using the notes to your advantage:

    “I know you love to spend time with your family, so this might be interesting to you.

    I was introduced to it by a friend of mine, and I would like you to do me the favor and give your opinion on it before I make my final decision.

    Would you mind taking a look for me?”

    Step 5: The Introduction

    7 days or longer after adding the person to the list, you will have established a relationship with the person and it won’t seem weird that you now send your signup link, or tell the person about your opportunity.

    I have gotten good results with the following approach:

    I ask if the person can do me a favor and give their opinion on an opportunity that i have been introduced to, because i value the persons opinion, and then ask for permission to send the person something.

    Once the person gives the permission, I will introduce the opportunity.

    This sends the message that you are respecting the persons opinion and see him/her as an authority and get the permission required to send something promotional.

    The magic word here is “Favor”. Everybody likes to do favors, and it doesn’t seem pushy.

    You might be able to close the person already then and there, but I recommend following up the day after.

    Step 6: The follow-up

    The day after the introduction to your opportunity, you will collect you prospects decision and add it to your excel sheet.

    (If its a negative response, just remove the person from your sheet completely)

    Remember: In most cases, a no today, is not a no in a month or a year.

    Since you have the person on your friend list, you will get multiple opportunities to re-introduce the person.

    So don’t unfriend the person just because you’re getting a no.

    I’ve seen countless cases where people say no in the beginning, but end up signing up afterwards.

    By following this approach you will avoid pitching to both family and friends, and avoid spamming and being pushy.

    This is the ultimate approach to recruiting on social media.


    Jimmy Larsen

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